Analysis of food

Analysis of food products and food raw materials

General information

The National Anti-Doping Laboratory conducts an analysis of food products for the detection of substances prohibited in sport (doping).

Methods of analysis

  • gas chromatography-mass spectrometry;
  • liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

The analysis procedure

To initiate the analysis of food products (hereinafter referred to as Samples) in the National Anti-Doping Laboratory you must provide:

Conclusion of a contract

After submission of the application and the Samples a contract on the analysis between the Customer and the National Anti-Doping Laboratory is concluded. The cost of work is determined by the National Anti-Doping Laboratory, separately for each test, depending on the amount and content of work performed, according to specifications, which are an integral part of the contract. The Customer makes a 100% prepayment of work according to the invoice for each test separately.

Sample Requirements

The Customer is responsible for the provided Samples and accuracy of the provided information.

Samples are provided by the Customer in the unopened packaging of the manufacturer.

Provided samples must be accompanied by an act with the following information:

  • place, date and time of sampling;
  • name of the manufacturer or supplier, storage conditions of products;
  • data on employees representing manufacturer or organization that sell, store and transport products, in the presence of who a sample is taken;
  • the product name and its composition;
  • date of manufacture and expiration date;
  • batch number and batch size;
  • weight of selected samples;
  • purpose of the test;
  • other product information;
  • signatures of all sampling participants.

Each packaged sample must be labeled with the following information:

  • product name;
  • sample and batch number;
  • date of sampling;
  • name of the employee who prepared the sample.

Sampling containers and lids should be made of materials that protect the samples during storage and transportation from changes that may affect test results.

When the Customer provides the opened packaging, packaging without a label or the packaged Samples in non-original manufacturer packaging, it is necessary to provide a document certified by the manufacturer or the applicant containing reliable above information about the sample. Information on these deviations is included in the test report.

Requirements for the amount of provided Sample:

  • not less than 500 g for Samples in solid/soft form;
  • not less than 500 ml for Samples in liquid form;

If the Sample is packaged by the manufacturer in a smaller mass or volume packages, it is necessary to provide several packages of this Sample with a total mass/volume of at least 500 g/500 ml with the same batch number.

If there are different flavor compositions of the Sample with the same name, each composition is paid and analyzed separately. A separate test report is issued for each composition.

Time of analysis

Samples analysis is carried out within 10 working days from the moment of Customer’s payment for the test.

Analysis result

The result of the analysis for each Sample is provided to the Customer in the form of a test report. Test results apply only to Samples provided by the Customer.

The test report cannot be used by the Customer for advertising purposes.

The test report is not subject to reproduction, replication and distribution without a permission of the Establishment of Health «National Anti-Doping Laboratory».