About doping

About doping

Sport is an integral part of modern society, for many people it has become part of life. Sport allows you to show the best qualities of a person, such as resolution, perseverance, endurance, overcoming oneself on the way to the cherished goal, thanks to sports a person can fully understand his/her abilities. Major sporting events are not only a bright holiday, they consolidate society and stimulate people to play sports. This way sport, even at an amateur level, significantly enhances the health of the nation as a whole.

On the way to victory an athlete should not forget about other important human qualities - honor and conscience. Sports victory only has value when it is won in a fair fight, without fraud and scam. Unfortunately, for some athletes, rainbow-colored pictures of their future greatness cloud they mind and they embark on a shaky path of deception.

Uncompromising work is ongoing in Belarus to eradicate doping in sport.

Establishment of Health «National Anti-Doping Laboratory» for the purpose of obtaining World Anti-Doping Agency accreditation is developing test methods, wich are based on modern scientific data and advanced analytical equipments, that can effectively determine the presence of doping in the studied samples. New methods are validated and are introduced into the field of accreditation for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 / ISO 15189 standards, which ensures traceability and reliability of test results. All procedures are regularly subjected to internal audit and external competency assessment by the Belarusian state centre for accreditation.

Anti-Doping Code

Prohibited Substances