Trade Union

Trade Union

Trade Union Committee

Chairman of the Committee:
Aliaksandr Ahabalayeu
tel: 8 (017) 265-58-88
fax: 8 (017) 265-42-35

Deputy Chairman of the Committee:
Tatsiana Sarokina

Treasurer of the Committee:
Lyudmila Barsukova

Member of the Committee:
Pavel Tchekhovsky
Yury Pakhadnia
Katsiaryna Pakhadnia

Utilization review committee

Chairman of the Committee:
Vitaly Syakhovich

Members of the Commission:
Elena Krasouskaya
Tatsiana Maskalenka


Main activities:

  • salary and its regulation;
  • occupation safety and health;
  • work-rest distribution;
  • additional compensation, guarantees and employee benefits;
  • housing;
  • medical care organization;
  • yourth social protection;
  • cultural, recreational and sports work.