Director's word

Director's word

The continued growth of sports records gives rise to a very sharp rivalry at the Olympic Games, world championships and other major events. The body of athletes is subjected to the highest in intensity and volume training and competitive loads. All this prompts athletes to find all sorts of, often unseemly, ways to ensure victory in sports arenas at all costs, including the use of doping.

The fight against doping for the purity of sports achievements seems possible with the joint efforts of specialists in many fields - sports of the highest achievements and sports medicine, chemistry and biotechnology.

Over the past years, a number of legislative, organizational and structural transformations have been carried out in the Republic of Belarus aimed at preventing the use of prohibited means and methods in sports. As a result, a national anti-doping system was created. Among the main goals of the anti-doping system is to create conditions where the use of doping by an athlete would be unprofitable and unacceptable for himself, the trainer and the doctor. One of the elements of the anti-doping system was the creation in 2007 of the healthcare institution “National Anti-Doping Laboratory” to carry out independent anti-doping control.

Today, our team is a competent, purposeful and focused on high joint result team. Our salient characteristic is a high degree of responsibility and integrity in achieving an overall goal.

We are constantly in search of new opportunities for further development and do not stop there.

Currently, our field of activity includes many areas, and since 2020 the structure of the Laboratory includes the following departments:

  • Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Department;
  • Anti-doping Testing Department;
  • Clinical Trials Department;
  • Сhemico-toxicological Research Department;
  • Physical and Chemical Quality Control Department;
  • Information Technology Department;
  • Laboratory diagnostics department;
  • Еxtrabudgetary Activities Department;
  • Research Laboratory;
  • Management and support staff.

The activity of the Laboratory is based on the following values:

  • Quality: the priority of quality in work;
  • Human: our employees are our wealth;
  • Development: continuous improvement in work, aim at best practices and the introduction of the latest technologies and equipment.

Our goal is the accreditation of the Laboratory by the World Anti-Doping Agency and full-fledged work in the field of the analytical stage of doping control.

Svetlana Pradun