Director's word



Sergey Beliaev

Director's word

Dear friends and colleagues!

Events in the world of sport are very diverse and controversial. For millions of people sport has become more than a hobby; it has become their life. For the achievement of success, some are ready for anything, even for the violation of the law. Concerning this, issues of the fight against doping use in sport are becoming hot topic. Understanding of the importance of conscientious and systematic work in the field of doping control is actively being formed at all levels from social to state today.

Awareness of this problem prompted the Government of the Republic of Belarus to engage actively in the anti-doping. The creation in April 2007 of the National Anti-Doping Laboratory was one of the fight elements.

The National Anti-Doping Laboratory is constantly expanding the scope of its activities, therefore at present the Laboratory staff includes more than 50 people and since 2016 is divided into:

  • Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Department;
  • Anti-doping Testing Department;
  • Clinical Trials Department;
  • Сhemico-toxicological Research Department;
  • Physical and Chemical Quality Control Department;
  • Information Technology Department;
  • Laboratory diagnostics department;
  • Еxtrabudgetary Activities Department;
  • Research Laboratory;
  • management and support staff.

The activity of the Laboratory is based on the following values:

  • Quality: the priority of quality in work;
  • Human: our employees are our wealth;
  • Development: continuous improvement in work, aim at best practices and the introduction of the latest technologies and equipment.

Our goal is the accreditation of the Laboratory by the World Anti-Doping Agency and full-fledged work in the field of the analytical stage of doping control.

Sergey Beliaev