Director`s Welcome Message

Dear friends and colleagues!

Events in the world of sport are very various and inconsistent. For millions of people sport became more than just a hobby, it became their life. And for the sake of achievement of success some are able to violate the law. In this regard, the question of fight against doping in sport becomes of current importance. The understanding of significance of conscientious and system work in the field of a doping control is being actively formed at all levels nowadays: from social to the governmental.

Understanding of this problem induced the Government of the Republic of Belarus to join fight against doping actively.

Establishment of National Anti-Doping Laboratory in April, 2007 became one of elements of this fight.
The staff of Laboratory is 33 persons, and since 2014, the laboratory is structured into

  • Liquid Chromatography Department
  • Gas Chromatography Department
  • Biological Department
  • Management and Supportive Personnel.
Our activity is based on the following values:
  1. Quality: a priority of quality in work;
  2. People: our employees are our the supreme value;
  3. Development: continuous improvement in work, aspiration to the best practices and implementation of the newest technologies and the equipment.

Our goal is accreditation of Laboratory by the World Anti-Doping Agency and full work in the field of an analytical testing.

Yours faithfully,
Director Sergey Beliaev