Management`s Commitment to Quality

Management`s  commitment to the Quality 

Management and employees of the Establishment of Health “National Anti-Doping Laboratory” aspire to conduct diligently, professionally and qualitatively testing and researches according to accreditation area. 

The aims of our activity in the field of quality are:

  • maintenance of high level of the organization and carrying out of tests and researches to satisfy and fulfill the requirements and wishes of the Customer;
  • continuous maintenance of competitiveness of laboratory at the expense of extension of area of accreditation, increase in capacity and satisfaction of inquiries of Customers in providing services which meet the requirements of the standards;
  • maintenance of conformity of performed tests and researches to the required reliability, accuracy of tests results, terms of their performance, confidentiality, competence and validity of the decisions made at performance of works according the scope of accreditation.

For realization of this policy the management system was created to guarantee the correctness of the handling the samples, reliability of tests results and researches and to protect from reception of the incorrect data which can affect the administrative decisions. It also provides confidentiality of the information on samples and  test  results. 

According to management system all our staff involved in testing and researches, are aware of  quality management system. For each laboratory employee favorable conditions for work and improvements of professional skill are created, and everyone is responsible for fulfilling their duties and implementation of the procedures of management system.

We carry out control of functional quality systems which are declared by the quality manual and aspire to constant improvement and increase of its efficiency.

We guarantee conformity of operating management system to requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025-2007 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and WADA International Standard for Laboratories. 

We are focused on constant development and increase of level of professionalism, aspiring thus to the highest quality standards.

Director, Sergey Beliaev